Friday, September 14, 2007

Dear Diary Friday...

We are home...FINALLY HOME! So, let's catch up, shall we??

Saturday, we hung out with friends and had a really great time, other than trying to park and stuff....not so much fun.

Sunday, we got up and on our way to Vegas. We got checked in, unpacked, got some dinner and had this trio of men sitting across from us in the coffee shop....attractive men but they really stood out and we could not place. Well, we placed them when we finally saw there faces up on the jumbo-tron at the hotel...Los Lonely Boys.

After dinner, we headed out to our car....which had to be jumped by the valets....and headed to the Bellagio for "O". Now, by this time, I am in a complete panic because I just KNOW something horrible is wrong with my car. The show was absolutely amazing, but tainted because of my fretting. After the show, we headed outside to the valet to pick up our car.....which has to be jumped AGAIN. Well, it is now late, we are heading home...but can't get to our hotel because it is completely surrounded by police and SWAT. Yep, it was a good time! We then headed on to the freeway, had to take an exit which was absolutley terrifying because it was unlit, one road, and was in the middle of the desert. I just kept thinking "The Hills Have Eyes"....and got back on the freeway, which we found an exit which dumped us off behind our hotel and allowed us to get back to it. When we enterred the hotel, it was engulfed with security and police.....and nobody talking. We made it to our room to collapse.

Next morning, car has to be jumped again so we headed to Saturn. Come to find out, batteries don't last longer than 8 months in Las Vegas and mine was 6 years old, so they replaced the battery and all was well...FINALLY! However, the trip was not anywhere as much fun as it could have been due to me having a horrible cold the entire trip thanks to Dylan sharing his with me.

Good news is that we found a fabulous shop while down there that I got a bunch of new clothes at that I just LOVED. AND, it was really nice spending some time with Dylan away from daily grind here.

Now, we get to spend the rest of our vacation together, hopefully just relaxing and recovering and getting all of our energy and strength back. And hopefully I didn't share the cold with anyone!!!