Friday, February 08, 2002

Good day.......

The project is complete and I didn't even receive a "thank you." Does that tell you how yesterday went?

Anyways, today has been really good. My workload has been reduced CONSIDERABLY and tomorrow is the weekend. AND there are only 15 more days until Vegas.

Oh, there was some laughable moments this morning. My sister decided to go down to 3500 South to see the Torch and decided to call me to tell me how much she wished I was there and how much she loved me. So I called her back to tell her she was a big geek and that anytime she wanted to relive the experience I would put some poop on the end of a branch, light it on fire and run up and down in front of her house while she stood outside in the freezing weather and hollared. Then she could get into her car in the driveway, I would park my care behind her, and she could sit in it and not move for a couple of hours, just like she will be doing during the Olympics. See, I can be a helpful sister. I can be there for her when she wants me to be!!!!

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Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Which John Cusack Are You?

Truly yucky day........

Was into work by 6:00 am with the Toni working on a project that The Pitboss gave me yesterday. Was at work for 11straight hours, no break and no lunch. Thought I got shit on by my boss. Ripped into The Pitboss and my boss. I am now three days behind on my work because of this project. The project is still not complete. Still didn't get a raise. Came home with cramps, headache, and sick stomache. Yeah, truly bad day. And the good side is......get to do it all again tomorrow. Could be worse, I guess......I could have kids.

Anyways, looking forward to another fun weekend. Dylan's folks are leaving on their two week trip on Sunday and Dyl and I are trying to figure out what movie to go see this weekend. I am also going to go and do some shopping with my mom (need to get her out of the house for a little while). Just want a weekend....need a weekend...HELL deserve a damn weekend!

Okay, have to share something cute. My mom told me today that "I need to get away on vacation!" Does that tell you how tightly strung I have been? Damn, parents are too observant even when you are trying your best to keep the stress away from home!

only 18 more days until Vegas..........and Dylan getting to spoil me.........

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What FIGHT CLUB character are you?

Monday, February 04, 2002

Great weekend........

It was soooooo nice to spend the weekend with Dylan. We didn't do anything particular was just nice having the whole weekend together. The last two weekends he has had to work on Saturday and this whole weekend he was free. We rented "Rockstar", which actually turned out to be good. And we watched the Super Bowl...which was fun. We are both so damn excited about Vegas...which is only 20 days away...that we both can hardly stand it.

Work today has been good. I came in with a good attitude, have accomplished a lot, and am doing this on my lunch. So all in all, work is getting better only because I am making it so.

Oh, I did get the Boy's b-day presents all wrapped up pretty. Now Dylan has to get them to their destinations. Hopefully my Boys will like them!!! Oh, and if you didn't already...make sure to send a big Happy Birthday to the Vice Boys...their b-day was on the 2nd.

We did go to Media Play yesterday so I could pick up some books and CD's. The gal behind the counter looked at my CD's, looked at me, and said "Are these for you?" To which I responded, "yes". She then proceeded to tell me that I didn't look like a Marilyn Manson fan. So Dylan took it upon himself to say "Well, honey, show her your fangs!" So now the gal at Media Play thinks she was doing a sale for one of the Marilyn Manson freaks that she told me she went to school with. Wasn't that sweet of Dylan. Oh, and by the way, if you get an opportunity, let Dylan know that he is a CRACK WHORE. He thinks I will be the only person to call him that and he isn't really a CRACK WHORE if only I call him that!!!