Friday, April 18, 2008

Dear Diary Friday....

THE WEEKEND IS HERE....or almost. I am only working until about 10:45 this morning and then headed home to do some MAJOR overhauling to my yard. The huge shrub that runs down the entire length of my yard on the west side is getting a haircut, and the bushes in my backyard will also be getting major haircuts. THEN, if I have time, I am going to tar up a spot on my garage roof that a 3x3" part of shingle blew off....I have no desire to rip up 6 shingles just to replace a corner of one that is missing....easier to tar.

Tomorrow, I plan on doing a quick cleaning of my house, then after Dylan get's up, we are going to do a bit of shopping, grab some grub, and head home for our UFC Pay-Per-View that I am EXTREMELY excited to watch since a couple of my favorite fighters are going to be on it. YAY FOR MATT SERA!!!!

Sunday, not sure but I am hoping it will involve a whole bunch of fun and a few minor details about getting ready for the trip. And yes, I am completely excited about this trip AND the plane ride. Not even remotely scared or even anxious over it....I think I am finally ready to do this.

Happy Weekend to Everyone!!!


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