Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Last night I made a strange, strange dinner that actually ended up tasting pretty good. I made noodles with butter and garlic, then I cooked some chicken breasts with garlic herb marinade, cut it up and put it in the butter noodles and then cut up some zucchini, mixed parmessean and garlic, put them under the broiler for 8 minutes and that was our dinner. My goal was to get some protein, some vegetables and to make enough for Dylan to take to work. It was odd, but it all worked well together.

Then I managed to get a "talking too" on the phone by my brother, who after I hung up on him must have thought over what he just said and called me back within 30 seconds and apologized....I let it go to the v/m because I was done being lectured by him. AND I was trying to get to bed.

Needless to say, I think the whole afternoon and evening yesterday was just weird.....not sure what was in the weather.

And speaking of WEIRD, bug hugs and big loves out to my home-chica, Alana, who is just having the shittiest week, and I think summer, ever. Ya know I love ya girl, even though you did corrupt me at an early age and made me the evil that I am today. Big hugs for you....time for us to get together for some drinks, me thinks.


At 8:36 AM , Blogger Alana said...

holy crap I am crying again..but this time because I was laughing so freaking hard about the madonna/cyndi lauper comment. so fucking true! We went to the True Colors show and when Cyndi came out I cried..I love her so! Then when sang time after time I got all teary reminiscing about.. wait for it..
Jennifer Woodruff's brother Mikey.. he used to sing that to me..when his Mom wasn't around. I had SUCH a crush on that boy! But his psycho-beasy Mom hated me..it was so tragic and romantic. HE was the reason I was such good "friends" with Jennifer. OH! such memories. All I have to do is drive down Trail Ave and I get all verklempt!

At 8:42 AM , Blogger Alana said...

remember water ballon wars that spanned the whole neighborhood..and involved nearly dying from falling out of the back of the woodruff-wagon? I also just had a flashback of sitting in front of your house one summer morning waiting for you to come out and go get Marc for me because I was scared of his Mom. I remember spending HOURS sitting on his porch, watchin Darren mow the lawn..shirtless..yum.. thinking.."if Marc is as hot as Darren when he grows up I am gonna be one lucky girl."

You have started a memory AVALANCHE!!
Evan wanting to be my friend because he had a crush on MY MOM!


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