Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday...

Oh gawd was I irritable last night! I got home from a truly shitty day at work (I HATE MY BOSS) and took my Mom to see my cousin Sharon in the hospital. Problem is that I had a headache all day and was tired and not really in the mood for chatting...but my Mom sure was ! All the way to the nails on a chalk board! So, we visit with my cousin Sharon and the doctors are trying to give her a few days in the hospital, draining her stomach through a tube in her nose and then see if her body "kicks in" or if they have to do surgery. And then her husband, my cousin Denny, came to hang out and he has surgery on July 2nd to remove the tumor that has wrapped itself around three nerves....his optical nerve, his auditory nerve, and his facial nerves. He will totally lose his hearing, which he is okay with, but get sensation back in his face and won't lose his eye sight. It was great to see them. Then Mom and I headed to Costco, which was a side trip that I did not know we were going to do.....and with her continuining her yapping. I finally made it home, Dylan and I had dinner, and I went to bed......alone......not to hear anymore talking.....YAY!

Today, I woke up and the headache is only there slightly, which makes me happy. But I got a very irritating call just before our phone system came on, from a co-worker with children, of course. I have decided that the next time one of my children pukes up a hairball or just seems to be a bit warm or WHAT-THE-FUCK-EVER, I am calling in sick to be with them.


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