Friday, February 23, 2007

Dear Diary Friday....

The one thing about storms is that they ALWAYS give me a headache....and yep, I got one!!! I am really looking forward to getting out of work today, going to pick up Duffy at the vet, going home and just crashing for awhile.....I think I need some time to just not THINK. Ever had one of those days??

Weekend is not gonna be as exciting as I was hoping. I have my Daddy's lunch date with his buddies on Saturday and because of a timing issue, I won't get to go see Reno 911 with Tonster and Rob!!! So, I guess I will be going to my Weight in in the morning and then hanging out after that until I take my folks to their lunch and then I am not sure what I am doing that evening. Since Dylan rented some videos, maybe some of it will be involved with watching those...who knows. Sunday....well, I am kinda playing that by ear because I am really hoping it will just be a night where I can relax all day, maybe do some laundry, take a nap...ya know how that goes.

And again, all my love, thoughts, energy, and prayers with Shane and Chet and the families.....know I love you more and more each day, my boys!


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