Monday, March 17, 2003

Dear Diary Monday...

Okay, today was truly crazy! I got to work, worked my little bum off until 10:15 am, ran home and grabbed the parents, ran them to my dad's doctors appointment, ran them back home, ran back to work, and ran back home at 4:30. Here is the work is at the mouth of Parley's Canyon, I live in West Valley, and my dad's doctor's appointment is on 22 East and South Temple. So yes, I made the trek from each end of the valley all damn day!! And here is the good part....I get to do it all over again on Thursday!!! However, not as bad....I am going to go into work late so I can take my dad to his doctor appointment, bring him back home, and then go to work. Needless to say, I am exhausted and was starving when I got home because I completely forgot to eat today, so dinner was EXTRA good!

Work has been crazy. The research team has been under extra, extra stress because we are trying to not only get caught up, but get everybody else caught up and the work just seems to keep coming. Like I said before, I see a light at the end of the tunnel, it is just the struggle to get to it that is exhausting me!! Oh well, I am actually enjoying most of it, most of the time.

Oh, thank goodness that the weekend is coming soon. My daddy's birthday is on Sunday so I have lots of cooking and cleaning to do in preparation for it. He wants cream puffs AND an ice cream cake AND of course, all of my sibling will be out here on Sunday AND I am planning on taking him to dinner. Should make for a fun weekend, don't you think?

And update on my niece.....she will be having a C-section as she is too small for the baby to turn to go into the birth canal. She is actually VERY excited about the c-section, so I am no longer a nervous aunt. She is going to call me with the exact date, but she is shooint for April 4th or 5th. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

And thank you to all of the wonderful, beautiful people in my life, who helped me get through a very trying week and weekend. Without you, the days would not have been so bright and cheery and my mood would still be scary. You helped me walk into a beautiful, positive energy filled place where not a ray of negative energy could be found.........


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