Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Dear Diary Wednesday....

Once again, our office is full of sick people! The gal that sits behind me has the ickiest cold I have ever seen...plugged ears, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, bad voice...the whole works. Everybody has been Lysoling her down like she is carrying the plague, and I am actually alright with that. I have no desire to catch the "gum-boo" at all!!

Yesterday was a strange day. Found out that my daddy broke a tooth, so my mom had to drive him to the dentist. They told me all about this AFTER they got home as they did not want me to miss more work to run him anywhere. SOOOOOO, when she calls me, my sister is trying her damndest to get a hold of one of us as well. Come to find out, my sister's dog, Tally, has inoperable cancer. She is also fighting an infection so the vet has prescribed antibiotics and as soon as the infection is cleared up, they will put her on a steroid to shrink the tumors that are covering her body. She is in no pain, she is not suffering, so the vet told my sister to take it day by day with the dog. My sister is as bad with animals as I am, and unfortunately for her, this will be the second animal in two years she will have to put down. My love and thoughts are with her. So, I get home and my folks are on their way out the door, again, to a dinner party with some friends. So, I decide that I am going to have a relaxing evening....well, that was until my stomach started to act up and I ended up going to bed with a hot pack on my stomach because I just could not stand it anymore! I woke up feeling just as crappy, but I knew I needed to come into work. And it is a good thing I did as the sicko behind me called in sick (THANK THE GODS AND GODDESSES). Can I just say that it is only Wednesday and I am already so exhausted that I am needing the weekend!!!!


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