Wednesday, January 09, 2002

huh? day.........

Well, the evening ends nicely...I have The Boogeyman on my lap and he is enjoying watching me type...biting me every now and then to let me know he loves me...what more can a girl ask for?

Anyways, didn't make it to the gym tonight either. I got home and mom was over at the neighbors for her b-day, I was tired and felt crampy and so decided to do some stretching....a little yoga...a little relaxing. And here I am, blogging and IMing with one of my boys.

Work was not good. I got in, kept caught up with everything, the phones were manageable, until I found out that this CUNT that I work with, who is in a different department, has a problem with me not being on the phones full-time. Here is my response..."If you would like to do my job, have it. If you have a PROBLEM with what I do, talk to ME about it and not everybody else." Well, I was vocal about that, so I am sure it got back to her. But, that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day. I didn't work late, didn't do a helluva lot, so I have a ton of work to go into tomorrow.

Got some "issues" that I need to sort through. I am not sure if I am happy with my life right now. I have a lot of things that I want to change. I am looking into taking some classes...a couple at the gym and a couple through continuing education. I also am having the NEED to start looking into a major purchase....I want to invest in a house...of course, close to the folks. Ever feel like there is too much you want to do, and not enough time in your life to do it in? That is where I am at today. Actually, it is just not today, it has been building. I think the 'New Year" has just brought it to a head.

Well, time to go meditate and do a couple of spells. I will be thinking about you.

Scotty......sending a couple your way.


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