Friday, June 06, 2008

Dear Diary Friday....

YAY for Fridays! It has been struggle this week, both physically and emotionally and I am glad I have a weekend coming up. I am still dealing with my insomnia, but I think if I have a couple of days to truly enjoy myself and relax, I can catch up on some sleep. Emotionally....all better now. I had a great talk with a wonderful, wonderful friend and she made me feel SOOOOOO much better about life in general.

Work is well....interesting. I found out that my boss ACTUALLY has a set of brass balls AND a spine and he stood up for me in a HUGE meeting (which I got to attend) and then had a "Coming to Jesus talk" with a co-worker who he told jeopardized the project I am by being a bold faced liar......WOO HOO! Oh and I got another Service Excellence award, which is always nice to get because it involves MONEY.

And as I stated previously, looking forward to the get together on Saturday!


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