Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dear Diary Thursday...

Well, I was going to take Muffin back to the vet yesterday, make an appointment and everything, and then she started acting better. So I cancelled the appointment, and of course after that she started vomiting again. Unfortunately, I just do not have the patience right now to deal with my Mom and the drama and she needs to learn to handle certain situations herself....which she did.

That attitude probably came from my crap-ass work day yesterday. I was just fed up with everything that goes on around here and totally clammed up at work. Even my boss noticied it commented, but I really did not give a shit. I am tired of managment that do not have the back's of their employees, and even go so far as to serve them up as scape-goats to other division. I am tired of managment that lies to their employees. I think I am just tired of managment in general. Good thing the weekend is not that far away.


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