Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dear Diary Tuesday...

I don't believe it! My manager has actually approved me for bereavment, even though it is a Great Grandmother! How nice is that!!

Dylan's folks had a helluva day yesterday trying to get things settled for the funeral....thanks mostly due to where I work having all of their banking systems go down and they were not able to access funds! They spent the day running from one place, back to the bank for bank checks, back to another place, bank to the bank for bank checks, etc etc etc. By the time I finally got a chance to talk to Dylan's Mom, she was exhausted and not in a good mood. However, we had a few good laughs and I think I got her back into a good spirit.

The viewing is going to be Thursday and the funeral on Friday. We are getting together with the family after the viewing on Thursday for dinner and lots and lots of drinks and then probably dinner after the funeral on Friday....again involving a lot of liquor. Dylan and I are going to the liquor store tomorrow to stock up on beverages for everyone.


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