Saturday, February 22, 2003

Dear Diary Saturday....

Only one more day until Dylan and I are on our way to Vegas...and I can not begin to tell you how happy I am. Not only because Dylan is giving me "daily countdowns" on how many days until Vegas, and not only because Dylan has given me several reasons for why we need to get away and be alone, but I am feeling that this trip is much needed AND much deserved for me, and it is a rare occassion where I actually feel I "deserve" something. The parent's illness seems to be subsiding, I completed many, many projects at work and left with an empty plate, so I will not have any worries to tag along....and THAT is also a rarity with me!!!

Today will be the day that I do all of my laundry of all of the new clothes I have purchased for the trip. I have no idea why I waited until TODAY to do that, but it will keep me busy. I also need to clean out my suitcase, get everything packed, AND clean up my room a bit. Nothing I hate more than leaving a mess behind when I am going to be gone. Oh, and I need to clean Nibs cage so that he will have a beautiful habitat to enjoy the entire week I am gone.

Is it me, or does anyone else enjoy the gloom of a rainy day? It makes me want to curl up in a furry blanket, get one of my books, a nice hot cup of tea, and between pages grabbing quick cat naps. It is going to be difficult to keep my projects going when I have such desires running through my mind.

Off on to another subject, does Michael Jackson give anyone else the creeps??? I tried to watch one of his "specials" and I had to continually keep changing to other stations because my emotions kept vasilating between creepiness and the desire to yank his heart out through his mouth! The man is insane, he needs to be locked up, he needs to be removed from any public light, he needs to be kept away from humans (of ANY age), he needs to have a keeper!! The man should never be allowed into public, let alone to do "interviews" sum, the man needs a full front lobotomy!!!

While I am gone: Sunday-Orange, Monday-Lavendary, Tuesday-Red, Wednesday-Brown, Thursday-Violet, Friday-White, Saturday-Gray.


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