Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Okay, I have to admit this.....I hate traffic. There use to be a time in my life where sitting in a car for an hour did not bother me. That apparently has changed. I went to my folks house last night to take them to Costco...approximately at 3:45pm. We headed down the road and got to which it was a traffic jam for no apparent reason forever! It took us from leaving their house to get to Costco over an HOUR! I wanted to pull my hair out. However, once we got there we had a great time and my parent's were a lot of fun to hang out with last night. We then headed home and put away their groceries and I headed home to a nice dinner Dylan had made, took a bath, hit the bed. It was nice to just relax after a long day.

Today is my doctor's appointment. I am a bit nervous, a little timid and scared, but I think it will all come out good for me. This is a new family practioner for me and I am excited about meeting her and FINALLY having a PCP.

Coal is doing really well. He is a total pain in the ass to give pills too, but what do you do! All of the swelling is out of his leg and his incision is turning into a very nice scar. I need to remember to make an appointment for next week to have his check up.

Speaking of next week....can you believe it is almost time for T-Day! HOLY SHITS! I can't believe how quickly this year has gone.

Happy Wednesday!!


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