Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dear Diary Sunday...

It was a good day today. I got up after not having slept really well last night and just relaxed in the morning...took a nap and watched some t.v. of shows I had recorded. I then got my fish tank cleaned, my office cleaned and straightened up, and then the whole basement got cleaned and scrubbed. It was nice to take on several projects like that in hopes of getting the "larger picture" completed this week. The "larger picture" is the whole house cleaned by next weekend since I will be spending the next few weeks taking care of my puppy who is going to have knee surgery.

It was also nice having some much needed "energy change" completed in the house. Out with the old, in with the new! There was a lot of residual negativity that I had leftover that I needed to cleanse...and that has been completed. I will even "smudge" my house in the next hour to clean out all the dark corners...gonna make sure nobody has been trying to hide from me!


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