Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday...

Yesterday was a really hard day. I spent most of it fighting off tears and then the desire to break things. I have been a recluse this week, not wanting to talk to anyone or leave my house. Today, the clouds have lifted and I am more myself than I have been in a week. Thanks to the help of Toni, I grew up a little more yesterday and she helped me out a lot. Love ya Tonster!

Today is Coal's surgery and I am so worried for him. I know he will be fine, but he made me feel so guilty this morning with not letting him have a big drink of water and breakfast. It will be nice to have this over and done with so we can move on.

The weekend is going to be spent helping out Coal and maybe, just MAYBE, putting up some Christmas lights. I think Sunday I am going to take my Mom out shopping, but then again, I might just chill...who knows.


At 7:07 AM , Blogger Toni said...

Love ya too! Coal will be just fine, Peppy did so good with that surgery, it will be nice for Coal to feel better.


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