Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dear Diary Saturday....

Holy has been a long time since I posted on a Saturday!

Dylan and I went to Rodizio last night for dinner and it tasted good but I think it was just too much for me, because afterwards I was tired, sluggish, and just wanted to go home. Dylan took us home and I took a bath and headed to bed...pathetic, I know.

Today we got up and you will never believe this....we got some Christmas shopping done! We hit the Gateway, Barnes and Nobles, Christopher and Banks, and FYE. It feels good to be ahead of our usual schedule and we are going to try and make it so the week of Christmas, we have nothing to do. We'll see....

I looked around for some books on negative energy and psychic vampirism and didn't seen anything that I knew would keep me interested. So, I am going to be researching on line to see what I can pick up. Again, it is time for me to get back on track with my Goddess ( and I am doing it ), as well as get myself back on track physically, mentally, and spiritually. I am feeling good with my decisions on this and look forward to more energy now that I feel the caustic energy ebbing away.


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