Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Dear Diary Wednesday....

This weather is driving me insane! I so desperatly want to be out in it instead of at work. AARRRRGGGHHHH!! Oh well, I am sure I will get my fair share of it this weekend.

Work has been busy but fun. I am continuously making snide, but lovable comments, out loud about how I should not be talking, as people are having issues with me being able to talk AND work. I have seen a couple of sneers, but mostly people have come over to add their comments about how people that have problems with our ability to talk and work can take their opinions and shove them up their asses. The support has been wonderful.

Working out this week has been wonderful! Today we took a break and went to Wally World so I could get my nails done and we ended up walking around there for almost an hour....a work out itself!

Not much else has happened. Oh, Jeffy gets to leave on Saturday to go to Pasadena and be cool and see the new X-Men 2 movie and, again, be cool. Send him positive energy and good thoughts for a safe trip.


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