Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Not that I feel I need to justify anything, but let me make something very clear. In my family, through all of the generations, there has always been one child that has taken care of the "family". That person takes on the responsibility of caring for the elderly, the sick, and the poor. That person takes on the responsibility of being the shoulder for people who need it, the strong back for others, and the hand of punishment as well. That person is the voice of sensibility. That person, this generation, is me, and I take that responsibility very seriously and enjoy it as well. I do not ask for "thank you's", I do not ask for my name to be in lights. I DO ask for respect. No, let me rephrase, I demand respect. I don't expect it anymore from anyone that I am family or friends with than what I give back. I do not ask more of others than I ask of myself. And having said that.....

With a lot of sickness occuring in my family lately, I have not had as much time to spend taking care of other friends and family, I have not had as much time to send out e-mails or call people, I have not had much time to do anything. And if this has been a huge inconvenience to YOU, then YOU can fuck off. It is just that simple. My first responsibility is to taking care of my family, everything else is secondary. Most people that I surround myself with, understand and respect the relationship I have with my parents and with my family. They understand why I take care of them and protect them the way that I do. Those are the people that this is not directed at. However, there are a few family and friends that believe that I should drop everything in my life to be at their beck and call, and unfortunately for them, that is not going to happen. To them I say, "Get use to it".


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