Saturday, April 05, 2003

Dear Diary Saturday...

I AM A GREAT AUNT! I have a new niece....Trinity Lilliana Christiansen was born this morning at 8:33 am. She is 7 pounds and 8 ounces, 20 inches long, curly, soft brown hair and both the mom and the baby are doing pain and no vomitting! My niece, Lara, called me right after the baby was delivered to give the good news and I could do nothing but cry because of how happy and how relieved I am. Here is the funny part...the baby was delivered C section and they keep you in the hospital for three days. Well, Corrine's doctor is so wonderful that he took 45 minutes to stitch my niece back up to the point that she will have NO scar...yes, I will say it again, NO SCAR! Not only did she have no pain with the delivery, but she will have no tell tale sign of having the baby! He is wonderful. AND my niece apparently has not been thinking clearly because she took NO toiletries to the hospital with her. SOOOOO, I am on my way to go and get her the needed girly stuff, a few other presents and head to the hospital to be with my nieces. Be prepared, I am taking many, many disposable cameras and I will be flashing you all baby pictures all of the time!


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