Sunday, March 23, 2003

Dear Diary Sunday...

Happy Birthday to my Daddy! If any of you did not know, my dad is 73 today. Yes, yes, he had me in his "later years" but growing up with parents that have experience so much more of life than my other friends has been an education unto itself.

Anyways, my dad's sickness is now into full swing....again. He has agreed to go and see a doctor tomorrow, only because I think he is tired of me badgering him, tired of coughing until he vomits, and tired of being tired! And sometime tomorrow, I will be making an appointment to go and see an eye doctor myself....gotta do something as I don't know how I am going to handle not wearing my glasses all week and working at a computer. Maybe my eyes will be retrained and I will no longer NEED to wear glasses! Well, a girl can dream can't she....

On to a different subject. The idea of group of citizens carrying around, parading around, the bodies of our soldiers makes me absolutely sick. Not only the idea of the parent's of these children seeing their bodies being run through the streets, but the idea that such acts of inhumanity make me hate those people, make me think racist remarks. I am far more educated than that to normally think such things, I would try my hardest never to openly express it, but my brain is turning in that direction. I wonder if they stop to think how their mother's would feel if she turned over to channel 2 to watch video of her child's body being dragged through the dirt, kicked and spit on by people who never knew what kind of person her child was. Do you think then they might treat the dead with a little more respect????


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