Thursday, April 03, 2003

Dear Diary Thursday....

The good news is that both of my parents have a doctor's appointment today. The bad news is that means that they are still both under the weather. I don't believe they are contagious anymore, but I am not taking any chances. Again, this weekend, my house is going to get the bleach/lysol/elbow grease kind of cleaning that could make a pig pen shine.

Went to see Ministry last night with Dylan, and it was WONDERFUL! The night started with us standing in a really long line, but being very entertained by a group of religious zealots/nut balls that were holding signs about Jesus and God and I want everyone to know that as a Witch and Pagan and Rebellious Woman that I have been lumped into the same category of sinners as Sodomites and Drunkards and Child Molesters! I was amused. And what was even better is that the men all looked Amish and like a wrestler that use to wrestle with the ECW called Roadkill or, as he is also affectionatly known as "The Angry Chicken Plucker"! Add that to a bunch of punks screaming horrible obescenities at them and getting a good old fashioned chant going of "SIN SIN SIN", that, in my opinion, is how a concert should start. Then we FINALLY get inside to find out that three of the bands had dropped off the tour and ONLY Ministry would be playing and playing an extra long set! It was fantastic! They played almost every song that I love and few new ones from their latest album. AND the lead singer is looking mighty fantastic for his age. And the BEST part of the show was that I got to FINALLY see Dylan after a number of weeks! That would have been worth anything I went through!!!


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