Saturday, March 15, 2003

Dear Diary Saturday....

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I actually worked the entire day and then Dylan and I went out for a wonderful evening....dinner and nothing else! We both just wanted some time to be together, no plans, no expectations, just some time. We went to Cottonwood Mall, went to Media Play, and then went back to his house to make fun of people we saw on t.v. I also discovered that I can absolutely no stand The Smiths or Morissey, that they actually cause violent seizures in me, making me say things I would normally not say. I will not express to you WHAT those things were, as they were to embaressing. However, it was so enjoyable just to be with Dylan and relax and laugh. He has proven to me more in the last two week how much a part of my life he is that I can not imagine a day without him in it. Okay, on to not such sappy stuff...

Today, well, I wish I could say it is going to be a helluva lot of fun, but I actually have to say that I am looking forward to the majority of it being over. Why? I have my nieces baby shower today and I just can't say that I am looking forward to it. The reason being is that the thought of being surrounded by all of her friends truly frightens me. Now, you all remember ME at age 16-20.....blond, cute, LOUD, oh and did I mention LOUD? Imagine a roomful of young women like that and then add ALL PREGNANT! Yep, it is my nieces shower and all of her friends are pretty much knocked up as well. Oh well, at least I get to be overwhelmed with kisses and sat on the entire time and then I can go shopping, so not all is bad. Then tonight, I believe that I will be on a date with Connie, meeting a great deal of her friends from the Paper Moon. THAT I am looking forward to. There is nothing I enjoy more than being the token cute-blond-hetorosexual-female in a room full of lesbians and/or gay men!!

News from home: My daddy's eye appointment went....well (?). We saw the retinal speciliast and he has what is termed a "macular hole" in his right eye. We are scheduled for surgery on the is all outpatient. Here is the downside.....he has to walk around for one full week staring at the ground! The reason being is that they put a bubble in to seal the hole closed so you have to stare at the ground so that the bubble will always be at the top of the eye, keeping the hole closed! Then about a week after the recovery, we can start the process of having his cataracts removed. Here is how I see my life.....the 27th being the surgery, sometime in April his first cataract surgery, sometime in late June or July his other cataract surgery, then in September my mom's last cataract surgery! WEEEEEE! Summer is going to be fun!!!!

Work update: Yes, I leave at my job! I have been working from 6:00 am until right around 7:00ish at night. HOWEVER, a light has been seen at the end of the tunnel, so those days are pretty much over. Happily, being able to have a life outside of work should also make me more willing to actually speak without mumbling!!!

Oh, and another update.....I still miss my Jeffy......


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