Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dear Diary Thursday....

Dylan is now sick. He is fighting like a gladiator to get rid of this cold so it does not disrupt his weekend, and I purchased all of the cold medicine, orange juice, Puff's Plus, and vitamin C I could find for him, but he might be down this weekend....poor kid.

I also spent the evening taking my Mom to do her grocery shopping, which is always an experience. We went to the bank first, then to Petsmart where I ended up spending a LOT more than I expected, then to Wal-Mart where the clerk could NOT make the check machine work and finally, FINALLY ended up calling a manager after about 30 minutes of trying. Thankfully she was pretty funny and had a good attitude so the incident was not irritating to either my Mom, Myself, or the lady behind us in line.

Oh, and here is part two to my rant yesterday: I have heard a few news people, as well as average citizens, trying to lay blame for the kidnapping/death on the family. Uh, excuse me? The child was 7 years old. I don't have kids but I remember being 7, getting in fights with my siblings and storming off....just LIKE SHE DID. The family started looking for her within 45 mintues of her disappearing...which apparently by that time she was already DEAD. So exactly how is it the FAMILIES FUCKING FAULT SHE WAS KILLED? How about laying blame where it should be....on the person that KILLED HER! How about having a little bit of empathy, maybe a bit of heart and realize that this family is going through enough. They came to this country looking for a better life and what they get is a murdered child...the only girl in the family. No one, absoultely NO ONE is at fault for this child's death other than the malicious piece of shit that took her life. Keep in mind, children go to people's houses all the time to play....every single day millions of them are in homes that are not their own. And guess what? Many times a 7 year old does not remember to TELL THEIR FAMILY WHERE THEY ARE GOING...especially if they are upset! I don't understand why anyone would want to lay blame on a family in this situation. I guess you have to go through having a family member abducted to understand....


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