Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Well, we did it! We went and re-signed up for Weight Watchers and both Dylan and I are very excited to travel this path again. This time, we BOTH have the motivation, not just Dylan.

After that, we came home to have some dinner and Dylan's Mom showed up with the most beautiful basket of goodies....all HEALTHY goodies to start our Christmas season off. It had organic soup, organic juice, organic chocolate, special water, etc etc etc. Everything was ORGANIC and we are both looking forward to trying some of the goodies.

We then settled in to watch some TiVo, eat some dinner, and then he went to get our vegetables ready for the week, and I headed to the bubble bath and to bed. Not getting a good amount of sleep the night before kicked my ass and I slept the whole night through again. It was wonderful!

And how about this for putting energy out there and getting it back. Out of the clear blue sky, an old friend of mine from one of my first jobs sends me an E-MAIL yesterday! She is working with a good friend of mine now and they were just talking about people that they e-mail and low and behold, I was the common denominator! It was so good to get caught up with her, chat about things that have been going on, and making me feel old because her kids are almost grown up now.

And also, how about this for odd.....I sent an e-mail to somebody yesterday just so that they know they are in my thoughts and I appreciate them for being the wonderful person they are....and at the same time they are sending me an e-mail to say the same thing. I love those kinds of things.

Happy Wednesday everyone....we only have two more days we need to get up early!!!


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