Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday...

What a strange couple of days....! Yesterday, all hell broke loose in my job and a whole bunch of different problems came up....HUGE problems....that there was no way I would be able to resolve in one day, and one may take weeks. Couple that with having two meetings to go to means I did not get a lot accomplished. Now top that off with a family member who decided to start my morning off with calling to start a fight...which I didn't buy in to. However, between the bad phone call, all the problems, the two crappy meetings, I did manage to control myself, didn't fly off the handle, nothing. The drugs are working! WOOHHOOOO!!!!

Tomorrow is my shopping extravaganza day with my folks and I am actually looking forward to it. They are both needing to get out of the house and I am hoping we can get their shopping done. Then, Dylan and I are going to a concert tomorrow night. I am hoping to spend Saturday putting up my folks Christmas decorations and then Saturday night, hopefully Dylan and I will put our tree together. Not sure yet about Sunday, but probably doing Christmas shopping. Oh, and I need to start wrapping!!

Happy Thursday to everyone!


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