Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday...

I haven't felt good for about three weeks total and I finally found out what it is....I have officially had panic attacks. Yep, good old fashioned panic attacks that cause a tightening in the chest, dizziness, some fainting, and just all around feeling like shit. When one part of my "anxiety" was taken care of yesterday, it miraculously cleared up! I haven't had a panic attack since I had gallbladder attacks, so I didn't remember what they were like....I sure as hell won't forget them next time! I honestly thought I was having heart attacks until a nurse told me...."Honey, you can't have heart attacks for three would be dead and blue by now!" The one thing I did learn.....holy shit! the panic attacks make you REALLY REALLY TIRED!

Dylan's parent's made it home from Wendover last night....they needed a get away after having so much stress the last week. It was nice to hear them and they sounded well rested.

Dylan might be coming down with a cold. We are trying everything we can to fight it (Vitamin C, Zicam, eating healthy, blah blah blah) and hopefully we can beat this before we head off to Vegas. He is a real champ and will still want to go, but nobody likes to travel when they are sick.

The weekend looks to be a calm one for us. I think we are going to be doing a whole bunch of laundry, maybe going to the Farmer's Market, but generally just a bunch of relaxing. We are probably gonna see if we can hook up with some people for dinner, but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen.


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