Thursday, April 17, 2003

Dear Diary Thursday...

Yes, it is Thursday, Yes I am at work, Yes I am not in a good mood.

Shane and Chet, thank you so much for the gift. I have not had a chance to open it yet, but I know I will love it as much as I love the both of you!!! It was a nice surprise this morning.

Things to get off of my chest:
1) If you have an issue with me being friends with somebody, if you have the desire to bad mouth this person that I am friends with, go to hell. I love my friends for all of their many attributes, that also includes if they are being naieve or stupid. Have we not all been there sometime in our life?

2) I can't do everything. I honestly have tried and have succeded in exhausting myself and/or making myself ill. That is going to slow down.

3) I have decided I love Spring, but I still hate Easter.

4) No matter how you make them, enchiladas are still good.

5) AGAIN, I hate mornings, don't come and talk to me. Holy FUCK people!

6) I really don't care if your child likes/adores me. They are still your child and still A child which means I HATE THEM. Keep them away from me, off of my lap, out of my fucking hair! Unless you are my perfect great niece, and then you are allowed to do anything.....

7) To people who I have ALLOWED into my life, who have turned out to be liars, who have turned out to have hidden agendas, who turned out to be negative influences, who came into my life for only the reason of destroying other relationships.....I wish you the very the fiery pits of hell. When we meet on the other side or in the next life, I will kick your ass there, as well.


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