Monday, May 12, 2008

Dear Diary Monday...

Yep, we made it back. There is way to much to tell but I can say that I really, really enjoyed my very first plane ride and Maui is unbelievably beautiful. Dylan and I are thinking about looking into getting a timeshare there. We also plan on going back during the time that you can watch whales!

The weekend was not so good. Our poor baby Spooky decided to do his bi-annual getting sick but I think we caught it pretty early. He is on his usual antibiotics and a new eye medicine that has just come out for animal use. He is miserable, but not to his extreme that he usually does. Unfortunatley, do to his illness, we missed a BBQ that I was looking forward to. Other than that, we did nothing other than stay close to home.

Sunday was Mother's Day so I did manage to make it over to my Mom's for a little while, we then mowed the lawn, did some tilling, and just pretty much got it ready to get plants in the ground and then relaxed.


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