Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear Diary Monday...

What an amazing four days off!!! Let's get re-acquainted.....

I was suppose to have a half day off on Wednesday....didn't happen. I had a bunch of problems come up while I was trying to get out of here so I ended up staying almost until 2:00. At the same time, Dylan was at his work for a "meeting" with his big boss and some people from Minneapolis. Well, the meeting actually ended up with Dylan being presented with the Concord Elite Prize from Wells Fargo which was four nights in MAUI for him and I....all expenses paid except for spending money! We are then extending it for another 3 nights, and the company is allowing us to do that through their corporate we are going to MAUI!!! I can't wait! This will be my first time on an airplane and I am actually really, really excited for that.

We also had a fantastic V-day by going to Rodizio for dinner and relaxing. In fact, our entire weekend of four days was really, really fun, very relaxing....just an awesome time to be together.

Oh, and on Friday night, we bought a brand new 2008 Saturn Vue....and it is BEAUTIFUL! We have named him V.P. (short for Vincent Price) and he is dark gray with silver speckles in it....very gorgeous car. And the price was awesome, so I had nothing to complain over.


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