Monday, January 28, 2008

Dear Diary Monday...

Ain't that wind fun!!!

Congrats to Toni and Rob for the new baby! I am so excited to meet my new nephew, Tweak and to bring him gifts!!! He is ADORABLE!!!!

Weekend was "okay". Friday I got home, took the folks to dinner, and then did somethings around the house....nothing too exciting. Saturday we ended up not going to see a movie, which was actually for the best because during dinner with Dylan, I got EXTREMELY sick and we ended up having to go home. Dylan was also so exhausted that he was a danger being on the road, so it was all good. Sunday we got up and went shopping and came home and CRASHED! We got through some TiVo and just relaxed. Dylan was still exhausted so he spent the day napping on the couch until I forced him to go to bed early. All in all, not the weekend I expected but still good.

Color for today: Silver


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