Friday, February 01, 2008

Dear Diary Friday...

Ah, what a WEEK! I'm glad it is almost over....

I made it through work yesterday and headed over to my folks house to check on my Mom's stitches. She had two biopsies done on Tuesday and now she has a few stitches that make it hard for her to take a bath, so I hung out while she took a REALLY quick bath, I cleaned the stitches up and put bandaids on them and then headed home. Once I got home, I did a couple of things around the house, took a bath, and settled down to start my new book....and fell asleep! I knew I was tired but I didn't think I was THAT tired.

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning with a horrible headache...the kind of headache that gives you blurry vision. I think most of it is PMS and the other part is just being tired. A hell week at work will due that for you, I guess. However, I know that after 3:00 today, I will be able to relax all weekend....except for when I take my Mom grocery shopping.


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