Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday...

The last day of my work week is today...YAY! I took tomorrow off in celebration of my birthday, along with next Friday, and I am glad I had the foresight to take these two Fridays off....I am really needing them. This has been a very long week so far, with a lot of training of me, me training other people, and just the normal B.S. that goes on around this place.

My bros first day on the job was a good one. He got introduced to everyone, met up with a friend of his from a long, long time ago, him and the boss are becoming fast friends and his direct supervisor, a WOMAN, almost started to cry on him TWICE yesterday because she is sooooo overwhelmed in her day to day activities that she is so happy to have a person who does not need to be really trained AND he told her that he viewed his job right now is getting her caught up, current on her paperwork, and taking over the day to day labor so she can stay caught up on her paperwork so she can take off a special day in August that she has been trying to take off for NINE YEARS and hasn't been able too. And then I found out this his big boss was a gentleman that I worked with years ago and who I took out to lunch a couple of times! I have a good feeling that my brother has finally found his "home" and a place that he can truly spread his wings and fly.

I actually had a 1/2 day off today, but it doesn't look like that is actually going to happen, and I am okay with that. I am getting my nails done this afternoon, anyways, and I get them done at the salon that is in our main lobby, so if I work a full be it. However, I am planning on calling my nail girl to see if she can move me up a little on her calendar today!


At 10:35 AM , Blogger Connie aka The Goddess (CrimsonDove) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have an amazing weekend and a fantastic year!

At 4:46 PM , Blogger Alana said...

happy (better late than never) birthday!!

At 6:06 AM , Blogger Lorene said...

Ahhhh thanks Alana and Connie.

Alana, I think you should come up and have lunch with me...and you can even bring the kid!!!!


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