Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Oh Gawd, I fucked my back up some how! By the time I got home from work yesterday, I was almost in tears because it hurt so bad. And this morning, it hurts worse AND my right leg feels like it wants me to tear it off and feed it directly to a hyena. Yeah, I don't feel so well. I have taken a whole bunch of Tylenol and I am hoping that the pain stops. I knew I should have called into work today because now that I am hear, and hurting, I have no desire to get back into my car and drive home...IT HURTS TOO MUCH!

My cousin ended up going in for surgery yesterday afternoon for the blockage in her intestines. Apparently the Crone's disease killed off another section of her intestines, a part she had surgery on a few years ago, and they had to remove more of that part, resection her intestines, and close her up....but the prognosis so far is really good. I will know more later today and I am sure I will be going to visit her this afternoon to check on her myself....making sure she is staying in bed and not ripping out any more tubes! So, now we need to start working on getting her better so that her husband can go under the knife in July for his brain tumor and we can work on getting him healthy. Yeah, it is gonna be a fun summer.

Dylan came home in not such a good mood. Unfortunately, he did not get the job he had applied for and no matter what I was saying, he couldn't see the "good side" of least not right now. However, we are gonna have a fabulous weekend to make up for this and get his mind off things.

Congrats to Toni and Rob on taking the next step to getting their hot tub! HOORAH!!!! I know with having my jetted tub and how much I enjoy THAT piece of equipment that we will, from now on, only see Toni and Rob with wrinkly prune skin from spending every waking moment in that bliss!! GOOD ON YA KIDS!!!!


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