Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday....

I ended up working almost two hours over yesterday to help with some projects. I had a really nice co-worker of mine come and ask me if I could help with two clients...neither of them was his or mine...but he had been contacted by the sales exec of these clients to "reach out" to them for some issues they were having. Well, for this co-worker, I would do just about anything because he is super nice and for the owner of the accounts, I would do just about anything...well, at least yesterday I would have. So, I reached out to the client, took care of their issues, responded to their e-mails AND directly called them to add a personal touch. Everything was under control....then I come in this morning and the owner of the accounts immediatly starts in with how NOBODY ever helps them out with the amount of work they have...blah blah blah. Did I pipe up with "Hey! I did your job for you yesteday!"....nope, I didn't. Why? Well, this person commented when both myself and my back up took the same day off a couple of weeks ago....keep in mind that it was ONE DAY (a Friday) and I asked if this person would mind just being my "back up" for the one day if any issues came up....which no issues came up in my accounts on that day. Well, her comment too the team lead was, "Lorene and her back up should not both be allowed to have the same day off"...hmmmm....interesting. This co-worker and the back up have more days off together than ANYBODY I have ever worked with in my LIFE! So, I figure that this co-worker will eventually get the e-mails that I cc'd them on about their accounts and MIGHT actually come and say something to me about it...and then GOD HELP THEM!


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