Saturday, March 01, 2003

Dear Diary Saturday....

Yes, we made it home from Vegas and had a wonderful time. Dylan purchased a beautiful Alpaca pillow (Alpaca is related to a llama) and a beautiful rug, as well. I bought a new Windstone figure and two cute t-shirts from Coca Cola ( one says Diet Coke, the other is Coca Cola Las Vegas with draw string sides). We ate at different places (The Paris, The Venetian, The Luxor, Caesars Palace, which I would not recommend Caesars as it was disgusting) and just did a lot of window shopping, gambling, being in the hot tub, and relaxing. It rained almost the entire time that we were there, but it made absolutely no difference to Dylan or I as we love the rain. I also discovered that I can go out into the rain and I don't melt nor does it make my hair look bad! Anyways, we had a wonderful time and I came home feeling completely relaxed......until I stepped into the door. Of course while I was gone, the parents both had horrible colds with unnerving coughs and my animals, well, that is the worst part. My hamster, Nibs, decided to stop eating or moving two days before I got home, so I had to give him extra attention and he is fine. My oldest female cat, Punkin, had decided to give up life as we know it, quit eating and spent all of Friday lying on my parents bed, would not get up to eat, go potty, I had to give her extra attention and carry her around all night. My dogs followed on my heels all evening, no matter where I was going...I could have walked to Peru and they would have followed me giving me these pitiful, "You abandoned me!" looks with their eyes...and the worst other female cat, Cali, acted like an insane cat all night...running around, hiding, crying....when I finally settled down from unpacking and taking care of things, she crawled up onto my chest, put her pathetic nose into my ear while I held her and CRIED into my ear....the most pathetic sounds I have ever heard!!!! God, I don't think I could go through that again!

Today I was going to spend the day shopping, but decided to take it easy, get all of my laundry and cleaning done, make a big pot of chicken soup, and relax with the parents and the animals. It was nice and very much needed. There is nothing like going on vacation to relax that just tuckers me out!!!!

My love and energy go out to Toni and Rob with the passing of Toni's uncle and with the grief she is enduring with having my nephew, Bear Bottoms, in the vets getting all better. And as for grandma, give me the name and phone number of the bitch and I will be happy to call her and give her a piece of my venomous mind for being so rude to your grandma!


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