Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Oh my....what a crap-ass week so far. Wanna catch up with me?

1. Had to put to sleep one of my oldest cats at my folks house. It was sad, I feel it could have been avoided, but she is out of pain now and that is all that counts. However, that does not mean I am incredibly sad and in horrible amounts of guilt.

2. Have not heard from one person setting up an interview with me out of all the jobs I applied for last week. That makes you feel like a big pile of shit and pretty worthless.

3. Dylan has a new shift now so we have managed to see each other for about a total of 5 minutes each day, and with the mood I have been in, that 5 minutes has probably been WAY too much for Dylan.

4. It looks like my medication has finally stopped working for me....which my doctor said might happen. I need to call and talk to her and get something else....but at this point my attitude and mood are so poor that I don't even have the energy to do that.

5. Sleeping has been shitty. I spend all night just tossing and turning and my mind won't shut down.

Yep, it is a pity party for me but I will get over it.....


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