Monday, December 31, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...

The weekend was great, but didn't start out very fantastic.

Friday, I was scheduled to leave work about 11:00 but unfortunately, all hell broke loose at my work and I ended up not taking any breaks, any lunches, and leaving at my usual time. I guess I should have expected that since it is the end of the year and all of my accounts are insane right now. When I got home, Dylan and I went to dinner at Red Lobster and I got a HUGE plate of King was so yummy but so rich that it actually ended up making me a bit sick. We then headed over to Petsmart, went to his folks house, and then headed home where I collapsed in exhaustion.

Saturday we got up and had breakfast at Mimi's and then started OUR Christmas shopping. Dylan got a new IPOD Shuffle for the gym, I got some books and a few new sweaters and we did a lot of running around. We headed home and relaxed, planning to go out on Sunday for more shopping. Yeah, that didn't happen. I woke up Sunday with the worst migraine AND my left ear was hurting really, really bad. Dylan went to the store and picked me up some heavy duty decongestants and we spent the entire day in our pj's and on the couch. At about 2:00 pm my migraine finally went away. We relaxed a little more, Dylan headed out to get us dinner and take care of his folks house and then we settled in for the night and watched the first of Grindhouse, "Planet Terror" and laughed our asses off. It is such a campy spoof of the '70's movies that I loved it! I woke up this morning with NO migraine, but my ear is still hurting quite a bit so I will probably be hitting the Instacare on the way home....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Speaking of tonight, I get to ring in the New Year with my fantastic group of friends once again and I can not WAIT! Shane and I have a very strange connection...something we have known about for awhile, and keep sending each other "I miss you" e-mails at almost the exact same time! It is time we got together and had some kisses and hugs just so we can share that energy with each other, and also with our good friends. PLUS (and this is a bonus for me) I think that Toni got a new haircut on Saturday and I can not WAIT to see it! WOOHHOOOOOO!!!

So, if I do not get a chance to log on tomorrow, I will everyone a very happy and very safe New Year. May the Goddess bless everyone with prosperity, good health, much peace and happiness as I know that there are a few who read this that need some peace finally in their lives. I know I have not touched base with many of you, for one reason or another, but know that you are in my hearts and my prayers each and every day.


At 7:25 AM , Blogger Alana said...

Have a safe and Happy night! I get to hang with a good friend but at the house of someone who bugs the shit out of me.. oh well, at least I wont be celebrating alone! And you know the more opportunity I have to give shit to those I detest the more fun I have anyway.


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