Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dear Diary Thursday....

This is the last day of my work week until the 17th.....WOOOOO HOOOOO! I don't know if you can tell, but I am pretty darn excited!

Yesterday was just a crappy-ass day. Well, to be honest, this whole week has been pretty crappy. I can really tell that I am in need of an "attitude adjustment" and some time away getting my energy back, and I think going to the Fair AND going to Vegas is going to help me a lot.

Poor Dylan woke up this morning convinced he is sick....he has a really bad sore throat. After lots of fluids, some Vitamin C, some orange juice, taking some Zicam and Airborne, I think he might just live. Oh, and threatening him that we won't be going to Vegas if he is sick has also got him on the road to recovery.

So, I doubt I will be blogging anymore until after the Vegas trip, so much love and energy out to everyone!

Oh, and happy early birthday Connie!


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