Monday, May 07, 2007

Dear Diary Monday...


The Arthritis Foundation Walk in honor of Tonster on Saturday was HELLA FUN! It was cold, BRUTALLY cold, but it was a good time with everyone. Thanks again for organizing that Toni....and you know now that I love you enough to even WALK IN THE COLD, THE WIND, and THE RAIN...especially if there is a possibility my hair can get messed up!

After that, Dylan and I got our Mother's Day shopping completed and went to the Super Pet Adoption, which was actually really sucky because it was really, really rainy and I was starting to get a cold. We then headed over to the Netzlers for the yummiest of all barbecues and just having a really good time relaxing.

Sunday I took my folks shopping, and yes, I had a full blown cold. I came home, took a hot bath, and relaxed the rest of the day....waiting for death because with this cold I have a horrible, yucky cough that gives me a headache. I finally gave in and took some Nyquil and went to bed.

Today, I still feel crappy but I am fighting it off the best I can. I have doubled my Vitamin C intake, I am staying bundled up, and I have my cough drops. By god, I am gonna win this damn thing!


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