Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday...

Yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening at Central Valley Animal Emergency with Cali. She came home late Monday afternoon (hiding because she didn't want to take her thyroid pill) with a massive hole in her back. Now, it sounds much worse than it looked. It was a patch about the size of a half-dollar of no hair, no skin, but no blood. It was not infected, it was not sore looking...just yucky. We put some Neosporin on it and decided to watch it for the evening. Yesterday, she had managed to lick all the Neosporin off AND make it sore and it was time to go to the vet. When we got there, the vet took Cali to make sure she was "stable" and she was sooooo stable she was not even running a temperature. Her heart was beating a little faster than normal, but that is "normal" for cats with thyroid problems. They told us to come back in two hours and they would see what they could do. So, my Mom and I spent the next two hours at the King's English Bookstore, which my Mom has never been too....and she fell in love with it.

We went back to Central and the vet ended up numbing Cali's back, shaving her, "scrubbing" the wound to freshen it up, give her a shot of antibiotics, and then stapling it closed....8 huge ugly staples. There is no guarantee that it will actually close it, but it will help it along to closure. She gets to wear the beautiful ensemble for 14 days. That is all the good news. The bad news is that the vet validated my opinion....the wound was definetly "Human Made" as it was a perfect circle so it would have not been caused by another cat or dog (they would tear and there would be puncture wounds) and it not caused her by getting caught on something (also would be tear, not a cut). I have my suspicions of who did it and how they did it (trimmer) and if it is who I think it is, they will be stupid enough to mention it to my Mom by saying "So, how is your cat?" to which at that time they will have the police called on them, animal control investigators, and my lawyer. But the best news is that Cali will be okay now and she doesn't have to change any of her activities....she can be as insane as always.

Couple that night off with a week of non-stop drama at my work, it made for a long night last night and a wonderful headache this morning. My "friend" right now is coconut flavored coffee with creamer and Splenda (1/2 cup) to get me awake and maybe, help make the headache go away.

Did I mention Dylan is working OT again this week?????


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