Thursday, May 01, 2003

Dear Diary Thursday....

Wish I had something cheerful and exciting to share, but I don't. I have had one of the crappier weeks. I have discovered that because I am genuinely nice and genuinely interested in people, and because I make a HUGE effort to help out people, that individuals (this means family, friends, and co-workers) believe it is okay to jump down my throat when they are having a bad day. Let me share an experience of this week. A couple of days ago a co-worker of mine had taken a really bad call, or so she said. Now, she is terrible when it comes to exaggerating how "bad" a call can be, as she is a true drama queen. Anyways, another customer service representative came over to let me know that they had a supervisor call, could I take it. Well, it happens to be on a group that is not "mine" and is my drama queen researcher co-worker's. I ask her, not DEMAND of her, if she would like to take the supervisor call, as it is her group. She proceeds to turn to me and SCREAM AT ME, no exaggeration there, that she can't take the call, she just had a really bad call, blah blah blah. As you can see, I quit listening the moment the voice was raised. HOWEVER, I hissed back at her not to freak out, I would take the call. I took the call, not a big deal. She CONTINUED throughout my call to keep freaking out. I finally had to put the person on hold, push my chair back to face her and TELL her in a very cruel tone that I was TAKING THE FUCKING CALL and to mellow out.

Now, you add that day to having had a friend freak out all over me because of something a friend of her's did/did not do, say/did not say and then having loved ones continuously jumping on me due to some stressful situation in their lives, and it adds up to being not such a nice week. The part that I find most amusing is that I am not a doormat, I fight back. You would think people would know that by now. And when I fight back, I'm not nice. I say things that I DO mean and are usually cruel, I distance myself from them for awhile, I ignore them for a week or so, and I usually will not apologize for my actions, as they were well earned. So, if you have been distance, belittled, or ignored recently, you now know why.

I guess this is the way that the Fates are testing my vow of being honest with others and with myself? Or is it my patience they are testing??

On a more positive note, I found out that my "fill in boss" is pregnant....which is wonderful because she will make a fantastic mother.


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