Sunday, May 04, 2003

Dear Diary Sunday....

Okay, diary, let me just start of by saying the evening with all of the ladies at the Paper Moon was very enjoyable, very relaxing, and VERY entertaining. Unfortunately, Connie blew out her knee, but it was made all better by the magical lap dances she kep receiving.

Today was a great day. I cleaned my ENTIRE room, did 5 loads of laundry, dusted the entire house, made a fantastic French Onion Soup, caught a nap, and just enjoyed myself the entire day....right up to the point that the home teachers came over. Now, let me just start by saying that the two "gentlemen", (I am using that term only out of respect, not because they have earned it), never call before they come over, so the ended up knocking on our door right in the middle of dinner. Fortunately, they were respectful enough to leave and come back. Well, whenever they come over, I always go into my room and read or do something. Today, I was already in there cleaning, so it worked out for me. Their entire conversation time, which was approximately 1 hour, consisted of discussing how we should kill cats. I have a secret project going on right now, nothing I am discussing with anyone, that I have been doing for over a week now, that involves cats. My mom happened to tell them and that is how their discussion started. Fortunately for them, I stayed in my room and just imagined how many enjoyable ways there were to watch these two men die in very painful ways. Anybody that finds it amusing discussing how animals should be poisoned should not be a representative of ANY church, even if they were joking. Then they discussed how one neighbor, who's wife died a few months ago, has left his house in disrepair and is selling it. Did they offer to go over and help, maybe clean up the yard, help out with the household chores. Of FUCKING COURSE NOT! That would be a charitable act, which individuals in our neighborhood who are involved in a certain religion, would never do. Now, do not misunderstand, it is not the religions fault, but this congregation in their neighborhood is such the bottom of the barrel when it comes to empathetic individuals!! They finally spent about 10 minutes discussing Mother's Day. My parents are so good about talking with these men, and I am so respectful of my parents, that I would not ever disrupt or argue with their idiocy. However, if their grass dies or their cars don't start sometime this summer, let's just call it Fate.

Oh, and don't forget we have a special birthday this week. Chet is turning something like 60 or 70 this Wednesday...please remember to say Happy Old Person Day to him!!!!


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