Saturday, May 03, 2003

Dear Diary Saturday....

I have discovered something very interesting about myself. I have a very HIGH tolerance for pain. Now, how did I discover this? It might have been me going for three years with constant gall bladder attacks and heart attacks. It might have been when I broke every bone in my arm, wrist, and hand BUT was able to smile through Christmas until my sister left so I could rush to emergency AND then spend the day with Dylan's clan.....drug free. However, I think the fact that I have been suffering from severe upper chest pains caused by 1) stress and 2) carbonation and indigestion that I think has taught me what I can endure! Oh, and stepping off the neighbors porch step COMPLETELY wrong and twisting my ankle and then walking home on it is also a good lesson!!! Anyways, the chest pains are diminishing....thank goodness. Oh, and let me clarify before I get anyone freaking out on me....they are pain right below my throat, right about my chest, so not really "chest" and not really "pain"...more of an annoyance.

Today was good. Got up and went to Petsmart, Lamberts floral, and Costco. Had a fantastic lunch with the folks, took a wonderful nap, watched the Kentucky Derby and now I am about to start getting ready to go out with my girl pack for a night of, I mean dancing!


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