Monday, October 27, 2008

Dear Diary Monday....

The weekend was AWESOME! I left work early on Friday and Dylan and I got a bunch of shopping done for the UFC get together. We were out pretty late doing the shopping, so we grabbed dinner, got home and did a few things, headed to bed. We got up early on Saturday and scrubbed down the whole house, I did a couple of things outside, we went and bought new rugs for our kitchen, got all the food ready and set up the rest of the decorations outside and then the gang showed up. What a fantastically fun evening! The pay-per-view was kind of a let down at the end, but we all had a fantastic time and a few of us (not naming names) got a little drunk....and had fun. It was nice to be sharing some energy with wonderfully positive people and just really sitting around and laughing. I literally have the best group of friends in the whole world!

Sunday, I woke up and could not stop sneezing all day long. We went over to Wal-Mart and got a video I have been wanting, I came home and we watched movies and TiVo all day....all the while I was worried I was fighting a cold. Come to find out, I am just having a bad allergy week but all the sneezing gave me one helluva headache! It was nice just to stay in my jammies all days and relax. The house had been cleaned the night before, so we didn't even have to bother putting anything away from the was a completely relaxing day.

This week is going to be hectic but I am looking forward to it. I have lots of meetings to deal with at work and then I am off on Thursday and Friday. Gonna get the majority of the pumpkins carved on Thursday, and then Friday I will carve the remaining, deliver them, hopefully relax a little, and then hand out trick or treats and then head over to the Poors for another evening of hanging out with wonderful people!

Oh, and Dee....I love you even though you drop bad, bad words......


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