Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dear Diary Tuesday...

Oh good gawd, sometimes people just bug the FUCK out of me! Especially people who do not have it in their heart, or soul, to be able to be supportive of somebody who is trying to lose weight!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah....I am probably not doing it the safest way, but guess the fuck what?! I talked to my doctor about it and she researched it and IT IS SAFE. And I also have changed the diet a bit so that I am eating breakfast, since I have medication I need to take in the morning, so I am actually getting MORE calories that the diet states. But people just can't be supportive and pat you on the back for your efforts. Now, I have been a concerned friend, and I have expressed concerns to friends if they are doing something I thought was risky, but at the end of the day, it is THEIR decision and I will support and love them regardless of what they decide....especially if it is something that will make them HAPPY. Isn't that was being a good friend is about? You express your mind, but still let that person know you love them and will support them??? Oh well....I need to step back and realize that not everyone is the same as I am.

On a different note, a very good friend of mine had her mother pass today. Even though it is a blessing that this lady is now out of horrible pain, it still brought me to tears just to know that my friend is hurting. May the Goddess be with her and her family in the time of need and bring them peace.

And can I just say how happy I am that the weekend is ALMOST HERE! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!After a week full of physical therapy, doctor's appointments, hair appointments, and starting to take care of the in-laws house as they are in St. George, a weekend is much needed and appreciated. Now if I can just get my arse in gear to get some REAL projects done!


At 3:45 PM , Blogger Alana said...

people suck... do what you need to be happy. I know thats true, and know I support you no matter what you do. Now if I could just onvince you that you NEED to coem to Babylon on the 18th.. think of the CALORIES we'd burn dancing with the gays!!


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