Monday, August 11, 2008

Dear Diary Monday...

Oh Gawd I am so happy the weekend is over!!!

Friday I left work early and headed home to get ready for a BBQ with my folks. We had steak, chicken, eggplant, zuccini, mushrooms with onions, and rolls. It was fun but a HELLUVA lot of work! My parent's enjoyed every minute of it and hung around a lot longer than I thought they would. Dylan and I then opened a bottle of wine and played on Amazon and relaxed.

Saturday we "new carpet" day so we spent the ENTIRE DAY dealing with new carpet issues. Everything was fine until we had to put my Mom's closet doors back on. Three trips to Lowes, one trip to Home Depot and about four hours later...the doors were back on! Yep, it was early morning to late at night kinda day and Dylan and I were EXHAUSTED!

Sunday we got up and took our entertainment center back to Target, visited Best Buy and were made to be very sad because of their inability to hook up a car stereo, went to Petsmart, Dahle's (Thanks Toni), Olive Garden, FYE, and then home. We were soooooo tired that we just parked ourselves on the couch and did not move until it was time for bed....which was very early for us.

Good news for this week...NO COURT FOR ME! The stupid dude I guess was finally convinced that he did not stand a chance in hell against the two cops he attached and the eye witness who called 911. Thank gawd for somebody being able to reason with him.


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