Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dear Diary Thursday....

Last night was not a good night. I got home from taking my folks shopping, ate a little dinner, took a hot bath, and climbed into bed to read for awhile. I fell asleep, remembered Dylan comimg in and kissing me good night and then fell back asleep. Next thing I knew, I started the "tossing and turning" saga at about 11:00 and kept that up ALL night long. Dylan came home early, at about 2:00 and when I finally got out of bed, I had the worse migraine...which I still have. I have drank a couple of colas and to try and get some caffeine in my system, hoping it will help...not yet. Have taken sinus pills hoping it will help....not yet. I think my head is just going to explode and we will call it good.

On top of that, yesterday at work was irritating. We have reports that we need to do once a month to send out to our customers. It is a tedious task, usually takes the average person one or two days to get them all printed, put into envelopes and mailed. There are a few co-workers that can not seem to manage this monthly task on top of everything else they do. One is so pathetic that I actually did her reports for her. Now, she was still busy the whole time I was doing the I was not angry. However, I have another co-worker that gave all of her reports to somebody else to do while she spent all day doing on-line shopping. And then she had a huge issue come up on a group and I helped her work through it....I stayed late, worked with the sales team on it....she left at her normal time and spent the time I was working on her client online shopping. And then she had the nerve to bitch that the sales team will think she handed this off to me, go to her boss and have her chewed I nicely told her that she shouldn't worry, the sales team had actually been complimenting her lately on how well she is doing...and she flew off the handle at me! So, I let her rant and then informed her that she needs to stop worrying about it because I would not be interfering with helping her with any clients of hers in the future. Good Gawd! I know that I am PMSing, but I am not sure what her problem is! Oh well, I only have two more days left for this week and I can have a relaxing weekend....I hope.


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