Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dear Diary Wednesday..

Wow, what a weekend! I got a bunch of yardwork done, with Dylan's help and we went to look at Jeep Compasses and saw "Iron Man"....and many, many other things. I love long weekends when you can be productive and get a bunch of shit done and out of the way!!

The week has not been good. I am fighting a continuously upset stomach, I have come to dislike my job a great deal lately, I have had to have a "talking too" by my boss, and got "thrown under the bus" by a staff member....and we have only been here two days!!! However, I trying to keep an upbeat attitude because I realize that this is a short week and I have a weekend to be looking forward to.

And for this weekend? I know it will involve finishing the planting of the flowers, test driving some vehicles, and hopefully going out to a restaraunt one night for a nice sit-down dinner.

Welcome back Toni!!!!


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