Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dear Diary Wednesday....

Woke up in a MUCH better mood today....thank goodness. After a ridiculously long day at work yesterday, I got home and got the backyard cleaned up, go some more fertilizer on the grass, did a couple of other things around the house and then Dylan and I went and got samiches and relaxed....right up until the Qwest girl showed up. They have been working on the lines behind our house, in our neighbors yard, for two weeks now.....and everytime somebody goes up the pole to work on something, we lose our phone. And again yesterday, no phone service. So Dylan called the Qwest people and they sent somebody out...only to find out that we had a power surge that knocked our cordless phone off and just unplugging it and plugging it back in made it work...DUH! But the Qwest person was really nice and she liked our dogs and that was kind of fun.

Today, Dylan is going to be putting in some OT again and so I am going home and will be mowing and trimming and putting on some more fertilizer in the front yard. And maybe, just maybe, if I am not too beat, I am going to get my herbs in the ground! YEAH! There is nothing I love more than fresh herbs in the Summer!

Dylan managed to get Saturday night off and I am leaving work early on Friday, so we actually have an ENTIRE WEEKEND together. I know part of it will be spent with me doing some yard work and buying some flowers, and another part will be us going to a show at Bricks, but I am hoping we have time just to have a bit of fun together....we will see what happens!

Oh, irk of the day....people that really don't give a shit how you are doing, but ask you so that they can hear their own voice.......


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